Horwich Town Council

Civic Medals

In 1997 the Town Council introduced the Horwich Civic Award, often called the Horwich Civic Medal. It acknowledges great service, over many years, to the people of the Parish of Horwich in a wide range of ways.

Medals awarded in 1997

Two recipients received awards in 1997

Rose devoted her life to the St John Ambulance Brigade in Horwich and had latterly been a champion of the welfare and rights of pensioners.

Jack was a veteran of the Horwich Harriers who had worked so hard to ensure the success of the club. Sadly, both have since died, but they were worthy recipients of the Civic Medals, having over 100 years of service to Horwich between them.

If you know of anyone who you think deserves the recognition of their fellow citizens, please make a nomination to the Town Clerk giving the fullest possible details of the nominee. Nominations will remain confidential, but those who nominate the successful recipients will be informed close to the time of the award of the medals.

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